Camas, Washington is a small town in Washington with a population of only about 18,000. It is located on the outskirts of Portland and is famous for its apple orchards. The city has many old buildings that are still standing today, including the Camas Hotel which was built in 1908.

Camas was first settled by Native Americans who were drawn to the area for its abundance of camas bulbs (a type of edible lily). They called it “Camas” which means “sweet” in Chinook Wawa. In 1846, settlers from the east coast came west and founded a town called Columbia at what is now Camas’ northeast corner. In 1853, Columbia became part of Oregon Territory and later Washington Territory when those lands were divided from Oregon Territory in 1853.

The Camas, Washington area is a great place to live with many things to do. It is also a popular tourist destination, with many people coming from all over to visit the town.

There are also plenty of bars and pubs in Camas to enjoy when looking for something more than just food.