Hey Jack Announces That It’s Closing

We are saddened by the news Hey Jack posted yesterday on their Facebook page:

Well folks, that was one hell of a ride. We’re so happy we got to be a part of such an awesome town and there are so many people to thank for your tireless support and patronage. I am more than thankful, in fact I owe everything to the staff at Hey Jack specifically Sonia and Cora, who worked far harder than they should have to make our little restaurant as awesome as it was. Sadly we’re not going to continue…there are so many reasons why we aren’t and none of the reasons really matter, because at the end of the day, we tried our hardest, we worked our butts off, and we did the best we could…everyday. Most of the time we were awesome, and sometimes we learned a few things and worked on being better at what we do. I hope you say hello if you see us around town, we plan on sticking around and since there are many paths in life, maybe we’ll encounter you on our next journey. Thank you Camas!

Don & Janell

We loved what you brought to Camas and hope for the very best on your next adventure!

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